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Gates of the Arctic National Park – Part I

Landscape Photographers are constantly searching for new and exciting areas to capture those one of a kind shots or even searching out well seasoned locations and trying to put their own spin on it. The Arrigetch Peaks located in the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska is definitely an exciting destination where you can get creative. Go in the Fall season around late August and catch the Tundra in its peak color display and you also have an excellent opportunity at shooting the Aurora as the Arrigetch Peaks lay right in the heart of the Aurora Band called the Auroral zone. If the weather is kind, you just might capture a few great shots for the tin.

This trip has been on my radar for two plus years and ranked up there pretty high on the bucket list just because it’s a very demanding adventure and with time marching on I felt I needed to get this two week backpacking/photography party started!

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